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Our clients said soups, shakes, weekly meetings and restrictive diets just don’t work long term.

So we spent 3 years at  the Best Self Weight Loss Clinic in developing what one client (who dropped 5 dress sizes!) described as ‘THE Blueprint to long term Health, Confidence AND Sexier outfits.’

Why will a home education weight loss course help me lose weight?

  • Those who achieve permanent weight loss have one thing in common – a Strong Weight Loss Psychology.  This course is designed to strengthen your mind so that you’re not simply relying on willpower that ultimately runs out. Most of my clients have told me this is the easiest way to lose weight, as all the internal resistence that’s previously held you back when trying to lose weight will be erased from your mind!
  • This course has been tried, tested and perfected over 3 years at The Best Self Weight Loss Clinic in the heart of England by leading weight loss expert Marvin Phythian.
  • In the last 12 months there have been a number of scientific breakthroughs in the fight against obesity by understanding them you’ll never be tempted by a  fad diet again.
  • Investing time in understanding how weight loss works will focus your mind to living a healthy life.
  • The more knowledge you have about something the more skilled you will be at applying it in your daily life.  You can study this course when you want at home or on your tablet or smartphone saving you trips to weight loss clubs that are impossible to sustain.
  • There are over 40 separate weight loss resources from psychology to nutrition, from exercise workouts to our 100 day challenge. You get out of things what you put in and by completing the course not only will you get a free chance to complete your certificate in weight loss  but you will have more control over your health and your  life than you’ve had in a long long time.

So what is the Best Self Weight Loss Program?

Our program has helped all our successful  weight loss clients realise one thing:

Increased Mental Strength  =  Increased Weight Loss.

The program is designed as an educational, motivational and inspirational course for those wanting to learn the skills and practices needed to lose weight permanently rather than temporarily.  It includes, video, audio, worksheets and other visual material for an enjoyable interactive way to inspire your slimmer body.   But best of all it  also includes our world famous Neuro Gastric Band. All combined together this program will give you the key to weight loss that’s not just easy but sustainable as well.

So what is the Neuro Gastric Band?

The Neuro Gastric Band is at the heart of the Best Self Weight Loss Program.  It is  a combination of psychological and hypnosis training  designed to give you…

  • Real Self Belief – by helping you build your self confidence we’ll be helping you do your best,
  • Good Habits to replace Bad Habits.Imagine how good you’ll feel when people notice the new you.
  • A Long Term Healthy Living Mind-set  – No more getting bored of a diet, instead we’ll give you the belief that nothing is better than your new healthy lifestyle.

THE NEURO GASTRIC BAND OPERATION – Under hypnosis your mind will be taken through each step of a gastric band operation.  The sounds and smells of the operating room and the belief that you have an actual surgical gastric band (without the side effects) so that you physically can’t eat more than small portions of food.  And that’s just one part of THE complete weight loss program.

Permanent Weight Loss! Including  increased confidence, self-worth a much healthier body AND a smaller waist for sexy outfits! This is a sustainable product that can help make life long changes – unlike fad diets that work only in the short term.

No Fads,  No Point Counting, No Soups, No Shakes, No Expensive Diet Food, No Gimmicks!

After 3 years of development we’ve found that successful and more importantly sustained weight loss requires a great attitude, great confidence, accurate nutritional information amongst all the consumerist nonsense, good motivation and a good support network.  This course is designed to deliver on all these fronts to help you become someone who loves improving their health and their body.

Why do others enjoy the program so much?

Weight Loss Testimonial

Director of a motor company and mum of 5, Naadiya Bhimani has gone from a size 20 dress size to closing in on a dream size 10 losing 4 stone in the process.  “Having been unable to sustain weight lost with slimming clubs I thought I’d give it a try after being recommended. The best thing about it was not having to think I was on a diet.  I just started living healthily.  It was easy because I wasn’t counting calories it just became natural and simple. After my first session of the course I stopped needing chocolate, my daughter handed me some I took a bite and realised I just wasn’t interested anymore and that remarkably has stayed with me.  The operation was so good I worried I wasn’t eating enough but I am now more focused and more confident.  Because I feel so good about myself I feel completely comfortable speaking to people be it a group of friends or the taxman.  I can do a lot of things that I just couldn’t do before such as run and play football with the children and I no longer feel tired at the end of the day. I used to have a really unhappy relationship with food, I had a negative self image, I over indulged and I had no way of controlling what I ate. I now eat half of what I used too, I don’t constantly think about food it’s become my fuel not my substitute for boredom or over indulgence.  Marvin is a fantastic guy who genuinely cares, if anyone asked me if I’d recommend the neuro gastric band I’d say without hesitation do it!”

Naadia Bhimani

To view more testimonials please take a look at our Testimonials Page

Are there any guarantees?

  • The use of fully qualified weight loss experts from the fields of psychology, nutrition and fitness
  • Real up to date science for Real Results and the quickest, safest route to ‘sustainable’ weight loss.
  • A full 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy for ANY reason.
  • We guarantee that if  you follow the NGB correctly you WILL lose that weight and keep it off.
  • We will listen and answer ALL your questions with our one to one advice service.
  • If you put the effort in we promise you will feel more in control of your health than ever before and start dropping down those sizes.

How much does it cost?

If a Gastric Band costs thousands of dollars and leaves you with scars and life changing side effects how much does our safe yet equally effective treatment cost?

Just $399 or £250 approx in the UK for over 40 course chapters, money that you’ll save in no time simply because you’ll be buying less food in future!

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Does hypnotherapy work?

This course is a a weight loss psychology course.  In many cases being overweight can go hand in hand with fear and anxiety. The hypnosis in this course follows a 2003 study in Konstanz University Germany by Flammer and Bongartz which found that of people suffering from situations of fear and anxiety just 27% improved through life experience and other forms of self-help whereas there was a 74% success rate with those using hypnotic techniques.   By giving you confidence, self belief and a strong support system we know that you can maintain the levels of motivation that will bring you the health, weight loss and success you deserve.

We use the same or similar techniques that have helped sporting legends become champions and Olympic Gold Medallists. If it can bring them success what could it do for you?

If you are at all curious then please  enter your email in the box above on the right hand side to find out more.

What we are not.

We would like to make it very clear that you are not buying any kind of purely physical stomach surgery; you will not be needing to visit a hospital surgeon which can only be a good thing. These are not alternative physical surgeries or a medical operation for any kind of stomach or bariatric surgery be it a gastric bypass, adjustable gastro banding, a laproscopic balloon, lap band, non- slippage sleeve or belly band!

We want to make the world a better place.

We really do want to leave a positive imprint on the world and we want you to help us.  In the same way that people take responsibility for their family or for their job or home, this course is about taking responsibility for your own health.   By doing that we believe that this will not only have a positive impact on you and those around you but also the planet as a whole. It is no co-incidence that many of the foods that are typically unhealthy for us are usually unhealthy for the planet too.  We like to see ourselves as a fresh, environmentally friendly, organic and most of all safe way to lose weight.


But that doesn’t mean we will compromise on success.  This is a new weight loss procedure based on the tried and tested from the leading nutritionists to the very latest in University findings, from advanced motivation techniques to advanced hypnosis.  We don’t like obesity but we accept that people often through no fault of their own find themselves in desperate need of weight reduction.  We stand against those products that promise fast, rapid fat loss knowing full well that their clients are putting the weight they lost back on.  Our program is designed to last and be sustainable just as everything healthy should be.


Apart from the long list of risks, problems, dangers, complications and side effects of weight loss surgery, it also costs a lot of money. If you were to commit to a healthy program of support at a fraction of the cost, you could use the money saved to finance any number of great alternatives, a vacation, a new wardrobe of clothes, a deposit on a Mercedes or a new house.  We use what we believe to be the most comprehensive list of healthy weight loss management techniques to help you become the person you want to be at a price you can afford.


The Neuro Gastric Band is a non-surgical high end training course that works with different modules, exercises, videos, recordings, hypnotherapy and more to give you the knowledge, understanding, confidence and belief to maintain progressive weight loss.  Unfortunately there is a lot of bad education out in the public domain and many people are unaware that what they have been told are healthy choices are in fact quite the opposite.

Results Disclaimer

We don’t believe in programs promoting unrealistic claims – only in hard work, adding value and serving people to the best of our ability. This program is intended to assist you in losing weight and get into shape, and above all lead a healthy lifestyle. As stipulated by law, in promoting this and all programs we cannot and do not make results guarantees. That is why it’s important you read all of the terms and disclaimers via the links below as you are not guaranteed to get results.  It’s all the regular legal speak but we want to be transparent in all our dealings with people just like you. It is important that we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity. Thank you for stopping by we hope you enjoy and utilise the material provided.