Company Overview – Best Self Weight Loss Clinic

The Best Self Weight Loss Clinic was founded In Leicestershire, England in 2009 by psychologist, hypnotherapist AND qualified accountant Marvin Phythian.  The Neuro Gastric Band®  and the Neuro Gastric Band Program®  combine a challenging home educational, psychological and physical work out program designed to get you into the shape of your life with maximum mental strength and the belief that you just don’t need to eat that much.

The Best Self Weight Loss Clinic and the Neuro Gastric Band Program® is a global product with mobile, print, online, radio and other presences.  Utilising the skills and knowledge of experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition and exercise amongst others and combining it with the latest innovations in online learning.

The Best Self Weight Loss Clinic has 4 core values:
1.    To continually and innovatively work at improving our products and services.
2.    To offer excellence in customer understanding, service and responding to feedback.
3.    To deliver on our promises.
4.    To  be passionate about people’s health and happiness and to stand against rip off charlatans offering dangerous or unachievable solutions to weight loss.

The Neuro Gastric Band Program works because:

•    It has been tested over 3 years what works has stayed what doesn’t has been removed.
•    It is entirely based on the logic that someone who has a persistently strong mind can achieve greater things.
•    It is based on realistic skills and targets.  If you put the work in you will see the results.
•    The program offers daily support through our 365 day Best Self Support Email a free bonus to all members.
•    It has taken feedback from close to a thousand participants to perfect.

Company Overview Ten Plus One Ltd –  The Service Providers

Ten Plus One Ltd is an online publisher allowing experts in their respected fields to produce content that can be delivered securely online. Our aim is to provide the most cutting edge learning resources to a global audience. We actively search out the greatest teachers and thought leaders and collaborate with them to produce online training courses.

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of online learning experiences.