Our Guarantees

  • It is our aim to be the best weight loss program available therefore we are confident to offer you a guarantee with your course. Therefore at the end of your 60 days if you’re not satisfied that you’re already making significant progress you will get a full refund on your investment giving you a no lose situation.
  • We cannot guarantee that you will become as stick thin as a supermodel (do you really want to?). But we will do our best in making you feel as if it was the best money you ever invested in yourself. We can only afford to give this offer because our unique brand of motivation, education, hypnotherapy and coaching in association with various weight loss tools really does work.
  • We guarantee that all our experts are suitably qualified. That means unlike other programs we run background checks on anyone calling themselves an expert who supports our program.
  • We guarantee that we will answer your questions personally and to the best of our ability.
  • We guarantee to use real science that gets real results.
  • We guarantee that if you feel there is something missing from the course we will listen to your feedback and if possible we will create the extra material and add it to the mountain of bonus material we will be providing you.